With this objective, we at St. Mary’s provide student-oriented education that allows young adults continuously discover their potential in an ever-changing world. As many of our parents aver, we have succeeded in combining academic excellence with a broad range of opportunities beyond the classroom. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in education and all that we endeavour.

To relieve the children of their academic blues, we have physical activities fine tuned like Aerobics,Sports and Games, Art and Craft, Gardening, Field trips, Cubs and Bulbuls, a well supplied Library for relaxation and well equipped Computer Lab for precision.

In order to fortify the learning of children aged 3 – 5 with hands on experience we have Rolling, Pounding, Cylinders, Spindle Box, Moveable alphabets etc.

For Grades 1 – 5 we have activities based on guided self learning like measuring the bus, car and to improve the power of imagination and imagination we have story narration, impromptu speaking by seeing an object, visiting a fictitious super market, milking a real cow etc.

To sensitise the children towards their environment pictures and slogans are displayed on the notice boards and children are encouraged to participate in painting and slogan writing competitions conducted by various agencies.

The school lays high emphasis on disciplined behaviour by children but this is enforced by a system of self discipline through winning points for their houses by achieving grades like “Excellent”, “Good” or “Needs” improvement which are prominently displayed in the corridor for all to see. Children are also taught basic etiquette like hand washing, hygienic use of toilet, using the left side of the staircase to move up and down, moving in an orderly line through the pathway to go to their bus or from their bus.

Children are prone to accidents and so to take care of such contingencies we have an infirmary to provide first aid with a qualified nurse in attendance.

To buttress the old adage “a healthy mind in a healthy body” we have sports and games for all children with a state of the art Basket Ball court, Volley ball court, hand ball court and a netball court.

To instil a spirit of competition and excellence in children, they are divided into four houses – Queens, Freds, Edwards and Philos.

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