Message from the Academic Director

Values in education have become more relevant with the onslaught of no holds barred type of progress that we are witnessing now all over the world. These values empower us through instruction, introspection and innovation. The current dichotomy of what we are and what we learn must give way to the evolving of the holistic development of the personality of an individual with the integration of values into one’s being.

           If we look through the kaleidoscope of young minds, every new step a child takes in pursuit of his education expands the horizon of his mind. A committed innovative system facilitates this journey of young minds by providing thought provoking innovation in teaching and learning methods. Education liberates us from the swaddling thoughts and reinforces the human spirit and strengthens the moral fibre in us.

                        At a micro level the school encourages skill development such as drawing, painting, dance music, story writing so as to spur the imagination of young minds. 

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