Welcome to SMIS .It is enthralling to know that you are thinking of joining the family of St. Mary’s. For the last so many years we have been welcoming students from around the globe not to speak of different parts of India. We understand the challenges and opportunities of making our school a truly International school.

We accept students from Pre Kindergarten to Grade 11 and offer a challenging and student centric curriculum steered by a band of committed and well honed faculty. Our primary and middle school are founded on the ICSE curriculum which aims at laying a strong foundation for life skills and lifelong learning. Our high school curriculum provides an in depth knowledge of subjects so as to get the children ready to take up higher education and competitive all India examinations. In sum, the learning experience of our children provides them a cut above the rest.

At the end of your walk through beautiful campus you can visualize your toddler climbing up the rungs of the academic ladder with growing confidence maturing into a well groomed teenager raring to go in to the open world. We look forward to meeting you and your family and helping you in the transition to the SMIS.

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